Prevention as the best way of tapeworm treatment

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Nowadays a lot of people neglect different parasitic infections, including tapeworms. But they are mistaken thinking that it is spread only in poor and less developed remote areas. Indeed, a great amount of people worldwide are affected by tapeworms, and, moreover, a lot of them even don’t suspect this through their neglecting.

Tapeworm infections shouldn’t be underestimated, through some types of it may cause serious health problems. Moreover, they can habitat not only human’s intestine, but lungs, liver, eyes and other organs.

A famous Latin saying states “Praemonitus praemunitus“, which means „Forewarned is forearmed“. Following this principle is the best way to prevent tapeworm infection, or, if it still happens, to reveal it on early stages.

First thing you should know is what tapeworm infection is. Tapeworms, or cestodes, are the oldest known parasites, are a type of parasitic worms that habitat human and animals. As it’s clear from its name, tapeworms are ribbon-shaped, their length vary from 6 inches to 26 feet. There are six types of tapeworms that may infect people. Tapeworm eggs often gets into human organism with contaminated food (mostly beef, pork, fish and raw vegetables), which was not properly cooked or washed. Thus, in order to prevent infecting with tapeworms, you should keep the following hygienic regulations:

- Personal hygiene: wash hands before eating, after using bathroom and after touching animals;
- Food hygiene: always wash vegetables and fruits before eating; do not eat undercooked food; avoid eating fresh fish (like in sushi); freeze fish and meat before cooking; cook meet at temperature of at least 150F; drink only clean or boiled water. Some herbs may be taken for infection prevention and improvement of immune system, like marsh mallow, licorice root , agrimony;
- Other regulations: take care of your domestic animals, if you notice that they may be infected with tapeworms, you should take corresponding measures immediately; clean your pet’s toilet thoroughly.

Symptoms and signs of tapeworm infection

People are often unaware that they are infected with tapeworm parasites, as some of them may have no obvious symptoms for years. Here is the list of signs that should make you suspect presence of infection:
- Diarrhea or constipation;
- Abdominal and stomach discomfort;
- Muscle weakness, fatigue;
- Inappetence and weight loss;
- Nausea;
- Tapeworms parts in feces;
- Seizures.

Tapeworm treatment

If you experience any of above-mentioned symptoms, don’t start treatment before undergoing examination in the hospital. Only special tests can reveal if you are really infected, what type of tapeworm infection you have and what medicine you should take.

Below is the list of medicine applied for getting rid of tapeworms:
- Praziquantel;
- Albendazole;
- Niclosamide;
- Nitazoxanise.

These medicines kill the tapeworms and then they expel from the organism with feces. If tapeworms habitat lungs, liver of other organs, they are usually removed surgically.

As you see, neglecting tapeworm infection may have rather serious consequences. Now you know, that it’s much easier to prevent this infection by following several simple regulations, that to cure and to experience its symptoms and consequences.

These articles can be used for informational purposes only. To get an accurate diagnosis consult your doctor!

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