Scalp fungus may lead to serious health consequences

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scalp fungus

The symptoms of scalp fungus may include intense itching in the scalp area, sometimes loss of hair and red or tender scalp. In case of not being treated, the infection will quickly spread causing the complete loss of hair, high temperature and other inflammation processes.

Scalp fungus treatment mainly includes oral antifungal medications such as medical shampoos or creams. The main active components of most such remedies usually include selenium sulfide that helps to stop the fungal infection from spreading and itraconazole, fluconazole, terbinafine or ketoconazole that kill infectious bacteria and have certain therapeutic effect. The medications that have such active components should be taken at least for 4-6 weeks to achieve the appropriate result. In certain cases the active component griseofulvin may be also prescribed, but it is forbidden for pregnant or breast feeding women as it can cause harm to a fetus or a baby.

Sometimes it is possible to experience some side effects while using antifungal shampoos. This happen due the fact that most of them have a higher than normal ph level. That’s why one may experience acute irritation or redness of the washed area. Some allergic reactions on the active components of antifungal medications are also possible, including mainly skin rash or swelling. In case of serious side effects or allergic reaction the scalp fungus treatment must be stopped and a patient should consult the local doctor immediately.

Of course, scalp fungus is a dangerous disease, but it is easily and effectively cured nowadays. Still the prevention is always better than the treatment.

These articles can be used for informational purposes only. To get an accurate diagnosis consult your doctor!

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