Narrow angle glaucoma is the main reason for acute eye pain

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The only effective type of narrow angle glaucoma treatment is called peripheral iridectomy – a laser procedure that helps to create a wide iris opening so that the aqueous fluid can move more easily. Still severe pain symptoms of the disease are prevented with the help of special medications, including prostaglandins, parasympathomimetics or hyperosmotic agents.

The main components of these remedies such as bimatoprost, travoprost, latanoprost, demecarium, pilocarpine, echothiophate, isoflurophate and others help to reduce eye pressure and to widen an iris for a while. Ophthalmologists sometimes prescribe the combination of the enlisted drugs to treat the narrow angle glaucoma symptoms. In certain cases osmotic agents are also possible, including such components as mannitol and isosorbide that quickly provide relief from sudden attacks of glaucoma.

Still some medications may have serious side effects, including low blood pressure, vomiting, fatigue, worsening of emphysema or asthma, etc. Among allergic reactions one may find only the eye redness or irritation. In case of experiencing severe side effects or allergic reactions the usage of medications should be stopped immediately.

Though narrow angle glaucoma occurs only in 10% of all glaucoma sufferers it is one of the most severe types of the disease that requires immediate professional treatment.

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